QLD Spanish Mackerel Quota Lease

3,000kg QLD Spanish Mackerel 2023/2024 quota lease

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This is an auction for the forward lease of 3,000 KILOGRAMS of SM quota starting July 1, 2023.  

The vendor anticipates a 73% reduction of the current 1/1 conversion ratio and a TAC of 165MT.  

The vendor has enough units to to convert to 1,500kg of effort given the above assumptions.

Winning bidder will be required to to pay the entire auction amount within 5 business days of auction close.

All monies will be held in Beachprice escrow until July 1, 2023; when quota will be electronically transferred via Fishnet Secure.

Only once the quota transfer is confirmed, will monies be released to the vendor.

If, for any reason, the anticipated changes do not eventuate, the vendor agrees to void the auction contract, refund all monies to the buyer, and offer them first right of refusal on the parcel lease, based on the new information that is available.

If you have any questions about this auction, please call Jay Clark on 0400 417 467

Note: please ignore any auto generated references to divers or diving that may appear in this auction description
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    QLD Spanish Mackerel
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    BeachPrice Escrow
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    100% seller & buyer guarantee

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