How it works?

Bidding on BeachPrice is a great way to buy or lease quota. Here's how BeachPrice auctions work.

BeachPrice how it work market

Auction Market

A transparent auction marketplace for Australian quota.

BeachPrice how it work bid

Bid and Win

Place your bid. The highest price wins the auction. It’s fast, free, and fair.

BeachPrice how it work pay

Pay and Fish

Winning bidders pay with in 72 hours. Document transfer arranged. Ready to fish.

How to bid with Quick Bid

  • The easiest and fastest way to bid is using Quick Bid

  • Decide whether you’d like to bid $0.10, $0.50, or $1.00 and click the button

  • Your bid is placed instantly

BeachPrice how to bid with Quick Bid

How to use Auto-Bid

BeachPrice will then automatically place bids of the minimum increment to keep you in the lead — all the way up to your max limit.

Top 3 reasons why you should use Auto Bid:

  • No need to constantly monitor auctions you’re interested in. Auto bid lets you set, forget, and go on with your life.

  • Pay less, but never pay more. Auto Bid ensures you'll never pay more than you absolutely had to in order to win the auction. When you win an auction using Auto Bid, you always pay the minimum increment more than the next highest bid, even if your max limit was much higher.

  • Never lose to last minute sniping. It’s natural for buyers to try to time their bids in the last seconds. This is called sniping. With Auto Bid, other buyers who try to snipe will be automatically outbid by you up to your max limit amount.

BeachPrice how to use Auto-Bid
  • If you get outbid after placing a bid, it's likely another bidder is using Auto Bid, and has a max limit that's higher than yours. You'll need to set a higher limit in Auto Bid in order to be the highest bidder.

BeachPrice how to use Auto-Bid

Last Chance Offer

Why does the auction clock extend when I place a bid?

On BeachPrice we try to avoid "sniping". Sniping is where a buyer tries to place a bid right before the end of the auction listing time. Sniping leads to buyers missing out on items they want and is a common problem affecting online auctions.

To avoid sniping, in the last 60 seconds of a listing, any new bid will reset the auction clock to 60 seconds from the time of the bid. We call this period of time the “Last Chance Period”. By reseting the clock every time a new bid is placed during the Last Chance Period, we let all buyers evaluate the most recent bid and give them an opportunity to place another bid.

The auction clock continues to reset every time a new bid is made until there are no new bids and the auction clock expires.

BeachPrice Last Chance Offer