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Tasmania Wrasse Quota

<div>The Tasmanian Wrasse Fishery is a commercial fishery that takes two species of wrasse: the bluethroat wrasse (Notolabrus tetricus) and the purple wrasse (Notolabrus fucicola). These fish are found in the coastal waters of Tasmania, where they live on reefs and in kelp forests. They are caught using a variety of methods, including rod and line, traps, and nets.</div><div><br>The Tasmanian Wrasse Fishery is a relatively small fishery, with annual catches of around 100 tonnes. The main market for wrasse is the live fish trade, with most of the fish being exported to mainland Australia. A small amount of wrasse is also used for rock lobster bait and human consumption.<br><br></div><div>The Tasmanian Wrasse Fishery is managed by the Tasmanian government. Catch limits are set to ensure that the fishery is sustainable. The fishery is also subject to a number of other regulations, such as minimum size limits and gear restrictions.<br><br></div><div>The Tasmanian Wrasse Fishery is an important part of the Tasmanian economy. It provides jobs for fishers and processors, and it generates revenue for the state government. The fishery is also a source of food for Tasmanians and mainland Australians.</div>
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