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How BeachPrice Works

BeachPrice is the first stock market for fishing quota. Our live ‘bid/ask’ marketplace allows buyers to place bids, and sellers to place asks. When a bid and ask meet, the transaction happens automatically.

Access a world of quota

Lease-in quota from major quota fisheries across Australia — when you want, how much you want.

Fair and transparent

Trade at prices determined by a transparent pool of buyers and sellers. Know you‘re paying market prices everytime.

Fast and secure

Trade instantly or set your own offer by placing a bid or ask. Settle with complete payment protection.

How to Trade Quota

It‘s never been easier buy, sell, and lease fishing quota.

Buying and leasing-in quota

BeachPrice lets you quickly lease-in seasonal quota or buy permanent quota units via our live quota marketplace.

  • Bid or Lease-In Now

    There are two ways to buy on BeachPrice: place a Bid at a price you set, or Lease-In Now by automatically buying at the lowest available Ask.

  • Fast transfer with buyer protection

    Lessors have already consigned their quota to BeachPrice. We transfer the quota to you the same day after your payment is received. Funds are held in escrow until the transfer is successful so there’s no risk to lessees.

  • Largest quota selection

    BeachPrice offers you the largest range of quota for purchase direct from sellers. Our market is available 24/7 with live prices and volume.

Selling and leasing-out quota

It‘s never been easier to lease-out your seasonal quota or sell your permanent quota units. Easily reach hundreds of fishing operators, wholesale traders, and investors. At a fraction of the cost of standard brokerage.

  • Ask or Lease-Out Now

    There are two ways to lease-out on BeachPrice: place an Ask at a price you set, or Lease-Out Now by automatically selling at the highest available Bid.

  • Secure transfer and guaranteed payments

    Enjoy the industry‘s most secure, painless, and simple transfer process. Funds are paid upfront and held by BeachPrice in escrow until your quota is transferred to the buyer. No payment risk ever.

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Make quota trading easy

In 2018, we set out to reinvent quota trading. Our goal was to make access to quota and quota price discovery radically easier. Fishers can get immediate access to quota when they need it, and quota holders can easily lease and sell quota at fair market prices.

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