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Lease-Out Quota Units

Explore all your selling options in one place, and pick the one that works best for you.

Create a listing in a Lease Market

You will need to consign your quota to BeachPrice to start leasing-out.

  • Lease instantly

    Lease-Out Now by automatically selling at the highest available Bid.

  • Save on fees

    BeachPrice guarantees to deliver much lower than standard brokerage fees on all sales transactions!

  • Expertise at every step

    From choosing the right listing option, setting a strategic price, all the way to settlement; You‘ll be supported by established industry experts for your fishery.


Create an Auction for leasing-out

Maximize your sale price

How it Works?

Step 1

Consign quota: Submit a request to consign quota on quota lease market page.

Step 2

Transfer your quota via Fisheries online system to BeachPrice licence.

Step 3

When quota is on BeachPrice licence, your quota will be credited to your account. Then you can place asks on lease markets.

Step 4

Lessees can choose to lease in directly or Lessor can lease out the unallocated quota.